Report number: 8/2003

Title An Early 20th Century Horse Skeleton from Whitby, North Yorkshire
Summary This report describes the skeleton of a large horse excavated in the area of the formal gardens of the Banqueting House, located to the north of the complex of houses known as Abbey House. These buildings lay to the south of Whitby Abbey. The horse was found within a pit containing pottery of late 19th-early 20th c. date. The horse appears to have been disarticulated to allow the whole of the animal to fit into the pit. The skeleton is relatively complete and well preserved. The animal stood c. 1.7m at the withers and was at least 12 years of age at death. Extensive exostoses and marginal lipping was observed and there is possible evidence for spondylosis deformans.
Series CfA Reports
Pages 29
  • Baker, Polydora
  • Daulby, M
Keywords Animal Bone ,  Animal Remains