Report number: 1/2020

Title Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset: Historical and Architectural Development
Summary This report describes the historical and architectural development of Weston-super-Mare as a town and as a popular seaside resort. It traces its development from a small village in the 18th century to the substantial conurbation that exists today and includes discussions of its interesting housing stock, its churches, schools and main industries. Foremost among these is the tourism industry and the varied facilities and attractions of the town over the past 200 years are described. A gazetteer of the streets that exist in the historic heart of the town accompanies this report. The research project was undertaken as part of the Heritage Action Zone initiative and also resulted in the book Weston-super-Mare: the town and its seaside heritage (2019).
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 370
  • Brodie, A
  • Roethe, J
Keywords Architectural Investigation ,  Area Assessment ,  Historic Area Assessment ,  Post Medieval ,  Standing Building ,  Standing Structure