Report number: 98/2019

Title “Bitter and Twisted” 1 Middle Row, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire: Tree-ring Analysis and Radiocarbon Wiggle-matching of Elm Timbers
Summary Elm samples were taken from the central and east trusses and their associated timbers in the east-west range roof. Dendrochronological analysis identified three pairs of samples that cross-matched each other. No other cross-matching was identified and no reliable cross-dating was found when these elm series were compared to the oak reference database, although a number of good statistical matches were identified at a position equivalent to the last rings being formed in the early sixteenth century. Samples were subsequently submitted for radiocarbon wiggle-matching which confirmed the spurious nature of the potential cross-dating. Radiocarbon dating was undertaken on fifteen single-ring samples from two timbers, one each from undated elm mean series b&t0506 and b&t810m. Wigglematching of these results indicates a felling date in the late AD 1660s or early AD 1670s for the two cross-matched purlins (b&t08 and b&t10) and a felling date inthe AD 1670s or early AD 1680s for the two cross-matched principal rafters (b&t05 and b&t06) from the central truss (truss 2).
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 35
  • Bridge, M C
  • Tyers, C
  • Bayliss, A
  • Bollhalder, Silvia
  • Dee, Michael
  • Palstra, Sanne
  • Wacker, Lukas
Keywords Dendrochronology ,  Radiocarbon Dating ,  Standing Building ,  Wiggle-Match