Report number: 90/2019

Title North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone, Lowestoft, Suffolk: Landscape assessment
Summary This is the fourth in a suite of research reports underpinning the Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) initiative, and focusses on the landscape of the HAZ, principally the public parks, North Denes, and surrounding areas where relevant. It is based upon ground survey of the public parks, a review of aerial photographs and supporting research. The research has provided a higher level of resolution to the known history of the area than previously, both spatially and chronologically. It highlights the early use of Bellevue Park for defence and recreation, primarily as a result of its prominent position resulting in stunning sea views, and notes the largely unchanged layout of this park. Sparrow’s Nest has had a more complex history, primarily as it was the home of HMS Europa during the Second World War and several buildings survive from this period. It was also one of the main entertainment venues in Lowestoft for most of the 20th century though little evidence of this survives. The extensive space of the Denes has had a wide range of uses, many being contemporary with one another, including common grazing, settlement (The Beach Village or Grit), industry (fishing and fish processing), and military as well as a wide range of leisure pursuits over the years. This work supports the wider HAZ by providing an assessment of the heritage within the area, an evidence base for planning and design decisions, and a starting point for education, and engagement.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 109
  • Alexander, M
  • Winton, H
Keywords Aerial Photography ,  Analytical Landscape Survey ,  Defence ,  Gardens, Parks and Urban Spaces ,  Modern ,  Post Medieval ,  Second World War ,  Survey ,  Urban Park ,  Urbanisation