Report number: 73/2019

Title Grimsby Heritage Action Zone: An Assessment of the Historic England Archive Aerial Photographs
Summary This report summarises the results of an assessment of the aerial photographs held in the Historic England Archive for the Greater Grimsby Heritage Action Zone. The project covered 2.8sq km and encompassed the entirety of the Heritage Action Zone with an additional buffer to provide a broader landscape context. Aerial photographs provide a unique record of Grimsby’s changing landscape over almost a century. These vivid and evocative images capture the town at the centre of the world’s fishing industry but also illustrate numerous other trades and industries such as brewing, timber and coal. Since the end of the Second World War the economic fortunes of Grimsby have declined and the town has adapted to the loss of the industries that shaped it in the preceding decades. These changes are recorded by the aerial photographs – from the impact of the motor car to changing shopping habits.
Series Research Department Reports
  • Oakey, M
Keywords Aerial Photograph Interpretation ,  Aerial Photography ,  Heritage Action Zone ,  Second World War ,  Timber