Report number: 70/2018

Title The Gatehouse, Caynton Manor, Edgmond, Shropshire: Building Investigation
Summary The gatehouse at Caynton Manor is the only intact survivor of a historic manorial complex. The building’s two upper rooms have decorative plasterwork friezes similar to a group of several early 17th-century schemes in Shropshire. One overmantel features the arms of the Yonge family and the date 1635, which is probably the date of the building. Very little is known about the building’s original context and use, or the house it served. Although in farm-related use for a long time, the gatehouse and its plasterwork survive relatively intact.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 44
  • Roethe, J
Keywords Architectural Investigation ,  Building Investigation ,  Gatehouse ,  Post Medieval ,  Standing Building ,  Standing Structure