Report number: 118/2010

Title Soft capping: a new way of conserving ruins?
Summary How best to conserve ruined monuments? What role does vegetation play in ruined sites? These questions have been debated for many years, and remain of great importance today. The history of presentation of ruined sites in England illustrates changing views on the role of vegetation, encompassing both „romantic ruins; and „stable but sterile monument‟ viewpoints. Current views on presentation of ruins suggest that vegetation can enhance a site, as long as it does not cause damage nor conceal important elements. This report presents the results from a 4 year research project which investigated the role of soft capping on walls (grass and other plants used to cover wall tops) as a tool for conserving ruins. The performance of soft capping was compared with that of hard capping (wall tops constructed from stone and mortar) under a wide range of conditions. It is important to stress that the research concentrated on technical issues, concerns about aesthetics and presentation were not covered.
Series Other
Pages 71
  • Lee, Zoe
  • Viles, Heather
  • Wood, Chris