Report number: 20/2018

Title Hardy Plants and Plantings for Repton and Late Georgian Gardens (1780-1820)
Summary This report draws on research carried out on plants and planting schemes for late Georgian gardens (1780–1820) and conservation projects, and collates, synthesises and summarises this knowledge and practical horticultural experience. The report provides a plant list as a starting point for researchers and those restoring gardens of this period, along with an overview of garden design, the planting palette and planting styles, notes on research resources, and examples of restored gardens. The list has been produced as a contribution to the 2018 celebrations of the bicentenary of the last great gardener of the 18th century, Humphry Repton (1752–1818).
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 39
  • Rutherford, Sarah
Keywords Gardens Archaeology ,  Gardens, Parks and Urban Spaces