Report number: 9/2018

Title Southgates, King’s Lynn, Norfolk: Historic Area Assessment
Summary King’s Lynn was for much of the medieval and early modern period one of the principal ports of England, and it retains an important stock of historic buildings, despite 20th-century losses. It was designated a Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) in 2017, and three particular sites were identified for which research by Historic England could inform possible future regeneration. These were the Common Staithe and Chapel Street Car Park, both in the north of the town, and Southgates in the south. Each is the subject of an Historic England Research Report. The present one, on Southgates, has been prepared in the form of an Historic Area Assessment, which has aimed to tease out not only the history of the area and its individual buildings but also the wider character of its built environment. Given the likelihood of redevelopment, consideration has also been given to the archaeological potential of the various parts of the area.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 263
  • Carmichael, K
  • Kewley, J
  • Newsome, S
Keywords Medieval ,  Modern ,  Post Medieval ,  Second World War