Report number: 87/2005

Title ‘An industrial suburb’: The commercial buildings of South shoreditch 1850-1980 - Part Two: The Gazetteer
Summary In 2002 Hackney Council, the Greater London Authority Group and English Heritage commissioned an Urban Policy Framework Study from Urban Practioners and Alan Baxter & Associates. Their study, completed in 2003, included a character appraisal of the area and recommendations for appropriate planning policies that balanced new development and the protection of the historic environment. At the same time English Heritage initiated a project for comprehensive assessment of the area's commercial buildings from it own historians within the Historic Buildings and Areas Research Department. Its purpose was to investigate the historic character and significance of South Shoreditch and its distinctive and predominant building types. The area selected for study was bounded by City Road to the west, Old Street to the north, Boundary Street to the West and Sun Street, Wilson Street and Appold Street to the south. An extension was made to the south-east to all for the inclusion of a signficant group of buildings, the Nicholls and Clarke site, between Norton Folgate and Elder Street. Most of this lies in the London Borough of Hackney although the area around and to the west of Tabernacle Street is in the London Borough of lslington and the south-eastern corner in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Much of the area is covered by four separate conservation areas, three in Hackney and one in lslington, but few of the district's characteristic buildings are Listed.
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  • Smith, J
  • Draper-Stumm, Tara
Keywords Architectural Investigation ,  Modern