Report number: 98/2016

Title UB-12 off Ramsgate: Marine Geophysical Survey and Archaeological Report
Summary This report covers a geophysical survey carried out at a location off Ramsgate thought to be the potential point of loss of First World War German Submarine UB-12. This submarine was lost after departing Zebrugge on a mine laying mission in August 1918. The exact circumstances of the loss - discussed in the report - are unclear and there is an alternative wreck site off Flanders. The survey off Ramsgate found 11 sites of archaeological potential, but none could conclusively be demonstrated to be the wreck of UB-12. Wessex Archaeology were commissioned by Historic England to carry out the project.
Series Other
Pages 27
  • Andrews, Laura
  • Shefi, Debra
Keywords Defence ,  First World War ,  Marine ,  Maritime