Report number: 97/2016

Title U-8 Off South Varne Buoy, English Channel: Undesignated Site Assessment
Summary This report covers the investigation of a wreck, which fitted the position in the English Channel, where a First World War German Submarine U-8 was lost. The submarine foundered in an attempt to bring the captured vessel to England after being intercepted by the Dover Patrol. The investigation found that: • The archaeological and geophysical survey of this site concludes that this is the wreck of U-boat U-8 wrecked in March 1915 • Based on the assessment of the physical seabed features, the wreck is in relatively good condition and will continue to remain so unless any remarkable human or environmental activity intervenes • The wreck is in a busy shipping lane which does act as a slight deterrent to diving and fishing vessels and therefore there is lower than average risk to the wreck in these respects • However, due to the significance of U-8 as outlined above, it is recommended that this wreck is designated to further protect the remains. This will also serve to promote the significance of the wreck, encourage responsible diving and add an extra layer of protection by deterring any removal of artefacts from the U-8 Historic England commissioned Wessex Archaeology to carry out the project.
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  • Wessex Archaeology
Keywords Defence ,  First World War ,  Marine ,  Maritime