Report number: 83/2016

Title Bartholomew Ledges, St Mary’s Sound, Isles of Scilly Conservation Statement and Management Plan
Summary Bartholomew Ledges is a protected wreck site off the Isles of Scilly, comprising remains interpreted as belonging to a 16th century armed cargo vessel, possibly of Iberian origin. We have produced this Conservation Statement and Management Plan to enable local and regional stakeholder involvement in our aspirations for the conservation management of the Bartholomew Ledges Protected Wreck site, so as to balance protection with economic and social needs. The principle aim of the Plan is to identify a shared vision of how the values and features of Bartholomew Ledges can be conserved, maintained and enhanced. Cornwall Archaeology Unit were commissioned by Historic England to produce this plan.
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Pages 35
  • Camidge, Kevin
  • Johns, Charles
Keywords Marine ,  Maritime