Report number: 123/2015

Title UB-109 off Folkestone Kent: Archaeological Report
Summary This report covers a condition survey of the wreck of UB-109, a First World War German type UB III submarine. It was lost off Folkestone late in the war in 1918 with the loss of twenty-eight men whilst trying to cross the Dover Barrage at the end of a patrol. The investigation comprised three parts: a limited desk-based audit of available primary and secondary sources; a geophysical survey; and a diving survey. The latter was carried out in October 2014 with the help of members of local diving clubs Canterbury Divers and Folkestone 501 and in conjunction with the survey of nearby UB-78. Wessex Archaeology carried out the project. This work was commissioned before English Heritage and Historic England separated into two organisations: where this report refers to the work of English Heritage, these functions are now carried out by Historic England.
Series Other
Pages 63
  • Scott, Graham
Keywords Defence ,  First World War ,  Marine ,  Maritime