Report number: 120/2015

Title Data Supply and Reconciliation between National Record of the Historic Environment and Historic Environment Records (project 6953) End-of-Project Report
Summary Note this document was written prior to the changes separating English Heritage into two organisations. The functions referred to in this report as being carried out by English Heritage were inherited by Historic England. At the time of publication, Historic Environment data is held both by Historic England (formerly by English Heritage) in the form of the National Record of the Historic Environment (NRHE) and local Historic Environment Records (HERs). This project explored the potential issues and solutions that might be encountered in resolving perceived duplication of effort and confusion for end users by supplying data from the national to the local records and in comparing and integrating the information with the existing records. Alongside the report, you can download supporting summary notes from meetings held as part of the process, including consultation with HER officers and other interested parties.
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Pages 63
  • Boldrini, Nick
  • Webster, Chris
  • Minting, Andrew
  • Flower, Crispin
  • Tait, Graham