Report number: 107/2014

Title HMS/m A1 Submarine Designated Wreck Diver Trail
Summary An underwater information guide for divers visiting the site has been designed that will aid navigation and assist visitors in recognising features on the wreck. This guide also explains the background to the remains and the issues of protecting and managing the wreck. An online interactive visualisation has been created and supporting webpages are being hosted by the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) where descriptions and photographs from visiting divers can be posted. The trail has been promoted by press release, circulated to several major diving magazines, and promotional leaflets for local and major diving shops. This work was commissioned by English Heritage (now Historic England) as part of the former National Heritage Protection Plan Activity on understanding the significance of submerged heritage assets and landscapes.
Series Other
Pages 26
  • Beattie-Edwards, Mark
Keywords Defence ,  Marine ,  Maritime