Report number: 88/2013

Title St Anthony Designated Historic Wreck Site
Summary The desk-based assessment of the St Anthony desingated wreck was commissioned by English Heritage (now Historic England) and prepared by Kevin Camidge, as part of the former National Heritage Protection Plan work on submerged heritage assets. The St Anthony, was wrecked off the west coast of the Lizard peninsula in1527. The vessel, probably a carrack, was owned by the King of Portugal and was on a voyage from Flanders to Portugal with a cargo of high-status goods, much of which was salvaged by locals - actions that left a trail in the documentary evidence. This assessment covers an overview of the site's significance, the history of the wreck, a survey of reports about the site, the evidence from the site, including finds and discussion of the threats that face it.
Series Other
Pages 55
  • Camidge, Kevin
Keywords Marine ,  Maritime