Report number: 119/2015

Title Damerham Archaeology Project Interim Report on Ploughzone Investigation in August 2013
Summary The Damerham Archaeology Project focuses on a recently discovered complex of prehistoric and Romano-British sites located on the eastern edge of Cranborne Chase, close to the village of Damerham, Hampshire. It is a voluntary project that engages with the local community and with other volunteers. In August 2013, with funding from English Heritage's former National Heritage Protection Plan activity on Ploughzone Archaeology, the project looked in particular at archaeology from the ploughzone of the Damerham site. This included intensive surface collection, test-pitting, and excavation of selected sub-surface features. The report: • Summarises the methodologies used and results achieved. In particular that surface collection did not give clear evidence for the condition, location and character of the monuments at Damerham. Intensive collection gave a better picture of the assemblage of finds from the surface than less intensive sampling methods. • Outlines the remaining work to be carried out on the 2013 ploughzone assemblage. • Makes recommendations for further targeted surface collection in order to address issues raised during analysis of the 2013 fieldwork and to further refine methodologies. • Evaluates the relative potential of intensive and extensive collection techniques.
Series Other
Pages 55
  • Bayer, O
  • Barber, M
  • Wickstead, Helen
Keywords Prehistoric ,  Roman