Report number: 101/2014

Title 20th Century Air-Raid Precaution Railway Control Centres
Summary This report was commissioned from leading members of the Airfield Research Group by English Heritage (now Historic England), in order to have a better understanding of 20th century air raid precaution railway control centres in England. This report builds on research and a survey completed on the Chester District type A2 Railway Control Centre, demolished during March 2014. The original report on this building is included here as a test case. This report is based on primary sources preserved at the National Archives (TNA), Kew, and the National Railway Museum (Search Engine) archives at York, as well as contemporary secondary sources retained at the Airfield Research Group's archives at Alconbury airfield. This report complements wider work within the National Heritage plan on understanding and protecting transport heritage and civil defence aspects of 20th century military heritage.
Series Other
Pages 86
  • Francis, Paul
  • Bellamy, Paul
  • Crisp, Graham
Keywords Defence ,  Railway