Report number: 71/2016

Title South Yorkshire’s Historic Water Management Assets in Relation to Water Framework Directive Requirements
Summary This report is about a desk based study of South Yorkshire's water management heritage of features such as weirs, and how they relate to environmental work stemming from the European Water Framework Directive. This directive aims to protect and restore clean water across Europe. The report found that: • these features are important in illustrating the historical development of the study area • the Water Framework Directive is driving change along river corridors, in areas that have seen relatively little change in the recent past, which is both a risk and an opportunity for the historic environment • building closer links to the bodies carrying out this work is the best way forward for the historic features and for the natural environment • guidance, advice and awareness raising about historic water management features are needed This commissioned research project was carried out by Ecus Ltd. When first commissioned it formed part of work on historic water management assets within the Historic England National Heritage Protection Plan.
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Pages 86
  • ECUS Ltd
Keywords Water Management