Report number: 113/2015

Title Pilot Study of the Mills and Associated Water Arrangements Within the Catchment Area of the River Lugg
Summary This project assessed the heritage of watermills and the water management arrangements associated with them, within the catchment of the River Lugg, Herefordshire. It was prompted by recent loss of mill features and threats to others as well as a need to better understand the relationship between features within mill complexes. The project served three specific aims: • To enhance the local Historic Environment Record. • To improve knowledge of the distribution and descriptions of the mills. • To make recommendations to suppport similar projects elsewhere. Historic England -formerly English Heritage- commissioned Herefordshire Archaeology to carry out this project. The set up of the project pre-dated the split into the two organisations. Where this report refers to English Heritage, the staff and functions of what is now Historic England are generally meant. When first commissioned the project supported the wider work of the activity on understanding water management assets within the National Heritage Protection Plan 2011-2015.
Series Other
Pages 43
  • Stoyel, Alan
Keywords Water Management