Report number: 70/2016

Title Aspects of Suburban Landscapes Inherited Landscapes and Suburban Greens
Summary The English suburb has strong claims to international significance. Home to the majority of the population, suburbs are also subject to continuous adaptation and redevelopment pressures. Many suburban environments are important, undervalued, threatened and neglected. The existing literature on suburbs is substantial and spans a range of disciplines, yet overarching analyses that embrace both buildings and landscapes in an integrated manner are rare. The Aspects of Suburban Landscapes project is one component of wider work by Historic England to better understand, appreciate, protect and manage historic suburbs. It gives an enhanced understanding of two components of suburban landscapes from about 1850 to the present day. The first subject area is Inherited Suburban Landscapes - the way in which earlier landscapes features (present within the landscape before the planning and construction of a suburb) have shaped or been incorporated into the subsequent suburban development The second is the creation of new Suburban Greens - open spaces inspired by historic village greens intended for recreational or common use planned as part of a residential estate, neighbourhood or suburb The report is supported by 85 case studies and a bibliography Historic England (formerly English Heritage) commissioned Locus Consulting to carry out this research.
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  • Hanson, Jack
  • Partington, Adam