Report number: 98/2014

Title Gosport Historic Urban Characterisation Study
Summary Oxford Archaeology carried out a Characterisation Study of Gosport, which was commissioned by English Heritage (now Historic England) to provide improved information for the understanding of the significance of Gosport. The town has a high concentration of significant military installations of which individual studies have been undertaken, but this project considers the development of the town as a whole and its expansion into its rural hinterland. The characterisation project is specifically focused on assessing a number of research questions that consider the relationship between military complexes and the development of the civil town. The project found that the overall character of Gosport has been formed by its landscape and strategic setting, it is surrounded by coastline and military installations which constrained the development of the town. Despite the influence of the defences on the topographic development of the town, the research shows that the settlement pattern of the town was not linked to particular military events, or to the construction of individual military establishments.
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Pages 142
  • Hind, Jill
  • Phimester, Jane
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