Report number: 96/2014

Title The Distribution and Significance of Urban Waterlogged Deposits in Boston
Summary This report on waterlogged and organic archaeological deposits in Boston, Lincolnshire, draws together the available information on current micro-topography within the town. Depths of archaeological deposits have been recorded and mapped along with the levels at which organic remains are likely to survive. The report has highlighted where relevant information is inadequate or non-existent. In particular, there is still an absence of detailed archaeological excavation from within the centre of the town and borehole records are not representative of the town as a whole. Within this document recommendations for future work, which include the ongoing collection of geotechnical and groundwater data, are made. The report is part of a series of such studies in English historic towns and forms part of the National Heritage Protection Plan work on waterlogged archaeology. It was commissioned from Heritage Lincolnshire by English Heritage (Now Historic England).
Series Other
Pages 53
  • Cope-Faulkner, Paul
  • Young, Jenny
  • Green, Katie
  • Malone, Steve
  • Taylor, Gary