Report number: 78/2013

Title The Social Context of Submerged Prehistoric Landscapes
Summary This report documents a meeting of twenty international specialists with interests in the prehistory of England, marine and maritime archaeology and management of the archaeological resource. It was supported by English Heritage as part of the National Heritage Protection Plan's work on submerged Assets and Landscapes and the report was prepared by the University of Southampton. The meeting considered the state of current knowledge and key issues for the relevant periods, looked at possible new approaches and evaluated how to disseminate the results of the project to as wide an audience as possible. The discussions including learning from the experience of work carried out abroad. The report identifies that if we wish to contextualise the submerged landscapes that we are now becoming more adept at locating and describing, we may need to change the methods we employ to investigate them. Currently, the shift from landscape description to more human archaeological accounts is challenged by the different qualities of the records created on land and at sea.
Series Other
Pages 19
  • Sturt, Fraser
  • Standen, Tyra
Keywords Marine ,  Mesolithic ,  Palaeolithic