Report number: 93/2014

Title Historic Seascape Characterisation East Yorkshire to Norfolk
Summary The East Yorkshire to Norfolk HSC project forms part of a larger programme implementing Historic Seascape Characterisation (HSC) across England's coastal and marine areas. It does this by mapping the historic character of the present-day coastal and marine environment, using many of the same principles as its sister project, Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC). This study was commissioned from Newcastle University by English Heritage as a part of the National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP) Activity 3A1 on Identifying unknown marine Assets and Landscapes, to undertake a Historic Seascape Characterisation (HSC) across the areas of England's coast and English Inshore and Offshore regions, contributing to English Heritage's national HSC database. This report is divided into three sections for ease of use.
Series Other
Pages 355
  • Aldred, Oscar
Keywords Marine