Report number: 108/2015

Title Hydrological Modelling of the Flag Fen Archaeological Site and Wider Landscape: Main Report
Summary The wetland archaeology of Flag Fen, near Peterborough, includes scheduled remains of a Bronze Age timber timber platform and causeway. There has been concern about the long-term survival of these remains, it is thought due to dessication of the soil and underlying deposts. This report, commissioned by English Heritage - now Historic England - examines this problem through modelling the hydrology of the area against different scenarios of change. The key findings were that: • Local artificial drainage appears to play a more crucial role in determining groundwater levels than climate. • Hard standing from a proposed new development is not likely to significantly influence the groundwater level. • If groundwater levels are to be raised at Flag Fen then it will be necessary to address the problem of artificial drainage. The research was carried out on behalf of English Heritage (now Historic England) by JBA Consulting. When commissioned, it supported National Heritage Protection Plan activities on understanding attritional environmental threats and on wetland and waterlogged heritage
Series Other
Pages 95
  • Davis, Alice
  • Bishop, Sam
  • Cheetham, James