Report number: 59/2012

Title SPAB Building Performance Survey: Hygrothermal Modelling 2012
Summary This report forms part of the SPAB's Building Performance Survey, a research project supported by English Heritage, that looks at the performance of a number of traditional buildings both before and after refurbishment designed to improve energy efficiency. This report concentrates on one of the case study houses from that survey, located in Shrewsbury. Following a review of the British Standards the report presents findings from a study using BS 15026 advanced condensation risk analysis software. The advanced hygrothermal simulation of the case study house, both pre-refurbishment and post-refurbishment raises various issues and has serious consequences, especially for the Green Deal. Methods for improving accuracy in modelling thermal upgrades are presented along with further research needed and other recommendations for the building industry.
Series Other
Pages 97
  • Browne, Dan
Keywords Energy Efficiency