Report number: 55/2012

Title South East Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey National Mapping Programme Components 1&2 (Blocks A, D-H & J-K)
Summary This report outlines the results of the National Mapping Programme (NMP) element of the South East Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey (SE RCZAS). This was an archaeological survey involving the systematic interpretation, mapping and recording of archaeological sites from aerial photographs and Environment Agency lidar data across 364.5 square kilometres of the south east coast of England. The analytical Aerial Photograph Interpretation was carried out using English Heritage's National Mapping Programme methodology. Historic Environment, Cornwall Council and the Gloucestershire County Council Archaeology Service carried out the project between January 2011 and August 2011. The project was funded by English Heritage through the National Heritage Protection Commissions Programme (NHPCP). This report highlights the significant enhancement to the baseline data of the project area contributed by the NMP survey. It provides an overview of the character, diversity and distribution of archaeological sites encountered as well as a series of conclusions and recommendations.
Series Other
Pages 146
  • Dickson, A
  • Janik, J
  • Priest, R
  • Royall, C
Keywords Aerial Photograph Interpretation ,  Aerial Photography ,  National Mapping Programme