Report number: 67/1995

Title The National Forest Project: A Report for the National Mapping Programme
Summary This report covers the air photograph transcriptions and accompanying MORPH2 database, produced by members of the Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England (RCHME) Air Photography Unit (APU) to National Mapping Programme (NMP) standards between January and August 1993, for the area known as the National Forest. This was one of the early NMP projects. The work was done as part of the multi-disciplinary RCHME: National Forest Project, an initiative of the Keele field section. The report is intended as a guide to the archaeology visible on air photographs and as such is only concerned with the APU part of the RCHME: National Forest project. All analyses are based solely on information in the MORPH2 database, Map Note Sheets and inked overlays unless explicitly stated otherwise. The report aims to be an introduction and overview to the information available in these sources. The report does not aim to be a summary of the archaeology of the project area, but some pointers and suggestions for further archaeological work are suggested.
Series Other
Pages 97
  • MacLeod, D
Keywords Aerial Photograph Interpretation ,  Aerial Photography ,  National Mapping Programme