Report number: 1/1985

Title The Archaeology of Dartmoor: an air photographic Survey
Summary This report provides a brief introduction, guide and commentary to the Dartmoor air photo survey project that used manual transcription methods to interpret and map all archaeological features visible on aerial photographs onto 1:10,560 map overlays. The corpus of maps, lists and record forms were created over the period 1 December 1984 - 29 November 1985 by staff from the Air Photography Unit of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (now part of the English Heritage Remote Sensing Team). A summary of the archaeological background is followed by an outline of the objectives and methods of the project, together with sections and appendices defining the quality and limitations of the resulting evidence. The report concludes with a number of broader archaeological observations, although it is recognized that the limited terms and resources of the project did not permit a definitive analytical assessment.
Series Other
Pages 81
  • Soffe, G
Keywords Aerial Photograph Interpretation ,  Aerial Photography ,  National Mapping Programme