Report number: 53/2017

Title Castle Ring, Cannock Wood, Staffordshire: Report on Geophysical Survey, April 2017
Summary Fluxgate magnetometer and earth resistance surveys were conducted for the Cannock Chase Through Time project within the Iron Age hillfort at Castle Ring, Cannock Wood, Staffordshire, to enable the project volunteers to receive practical training in geophysical survey methods in the process of investigating the internal character of the monument. The magnetometer survey (0.82ha) was of limited effectiveness, recording only a weak and indistinct response over the hillfort interior revealing few obvious anomalies of archaeological significance. Earth resistance survey (0.3ha) was of more value, resulting in clear definition of a previously identified medieval building in the north-west of the hillfort, together with internal detail of this structure and evidence for possible further associated activity in its surrounds. The earth resistance data also suggests sub-surface remains of a second possible building that may represent a previously unrecorded element of the medieval complex, or a later structure perhaps related to temporary use of the site during the Second World War.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 7
  • Payne, A W
  • Pearce, C
Keywords Earth Resistance ,  Fluxgate ,  Geophysical Survey ,  Hillfort ,  Iron Age ,  Magnetometer ,  Medieval