Report number: 52/2017

Title Sheepwash Farm, Brindley Heath, Staffordshire Report on Geophysical Survey, April 2017
Summary Fluxgate magnetometer and earth resistance surveys were conducted for the Cannock Chase Through Time project to investigate a group of possible burnt mound sites, expected to be of Bronze Age date, previously identified from lidar datain the eastern part of Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. The magnetometer survey (0.63ha) confirmed the response over a previously recorded burnt mound, but produced more ambiguous results over the wider area. Earth resistance survey (0.36ha) was targeted over the location of the three most prominent mounds in the lidar data, complementing the magnetic results over the known burnt mound and suggesting a degree of disturbance associated with the other topographic features.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 6
  • Payne, A W
  • Pearce, C
Keywords Bronze Age ,  Earth Resistance ,  Fluxgate ,  Geophysical Survey ,  Magnetometer