Report number: 46/2017

Title The Sustainable Use of Energy in Traditional Dwellings: Using legislation and policy to guide decision-making
Summary Local authorities are responsible for implementing a diverse range of legislation, policies and guidance relating to sustainable development, fuel poverty, housing standards and carbon reduction. These all have impacts on the historic environment. But if there is not adequate inter-departmental understanding and coordination of the many overlapping (and sometimes conflicting) requirements, there is a risk that one agenda will be undermined by another. The consequences of this include harm to heritage assets and failure to meet legislative and policy objectives in full. This report presents the findings of a research project carried out to understand better the areas of convergence and conflict between current legislation, policy and guidance. A further aim of the project has been to suggest ways in which Local Authorities might increase understanding between departments and stakeholders, and develop more integrated and better-informed approaches to policy and decision-making. The suggestions set out in this report have been developed in consultation with Oxford City Council, and other Local Authorities in four regional, cross sector workshops.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 34
  • The Centre for Sustainable Energy
Keywords Carbon Reduction ,  Energy Efficiency ,  Fuel Poverty ,  Historic Environment ,  Housing Standards ,  Legislation ,  Policy ,  Sustainable Development ,  Traditional Construction