Report number: 21/2017

Title 91 High Street, St Mary Cray, Orpington, Greater London: Radiocarbon Wiggle Matching of Timbers
Summary Radiocarbon dating andwigglematch analysis was undertaken on a series of five single-year samples from each of three cores taken from oak and elmtimbers thought to be associated with the primary construction phase of 91 High Street, St Mary Cray. The analysis suggests that the timbers were all felled in cal AD1370–1395 (95% probability), thus indicating a late-fourteenth century date for the construction of this building.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 30
  • Barclay, A
  • Bayliss, A
  • Bronk Ramsey, C
  • Cook, G T
  • Marshall, P
  • Tyers, C
  • Reimer, P J
Keywords Dendrochronology ,  Medieval ,  Radiocarbon Dating