Report number: 14/2017

Title An Analysis of Drying Data from a Medieval Hall after Flooding
Summary Remediation companies are often employed to dry buildings following floods. This process usually entails the use of dehumidifiers, air blowers and heaters, accompanied by frequent site visits to monitor progress. At some stage in the process it will be decided that the building is sufficiently dry to stop monitoring and to remove the equipment. But how accurately can this assessment be made? Following the flooding of a medieval hall in 2015, detailed records of the progress of drying were kept by the remediation company employed to carry out this task. This report presents an analysis of the data recorded, and considers the factors affecting the accuracy of moisture monitoring and assessment in such cases.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 16
  • Ridout, B
  • McCaig, I
Keywords Accuracy ,  Air Blower ,  Building and Landscape Conservation ,  Conservation ,  Data ,  Dehumidifier ,  Flooding ,  Heater ,  Remediation