Report number: 9/2017

Title Reducing Energy Use in Traditional Dwellings: Analysis of Four Solid Wall Houses in Reading
Summary This report describes an in-depth ‘whole building’ analysis of energy use carried out in four traditionally built houses in Reading, Berks. The results were used to devise strategies to reduce energy use and carbon emissions for each household. These were then assessed in terms of their effectiveness and cost-efficiency. An important aim of the project was to understand better the costs and benefits of solid wall insulation in relation to other energy and carbon saving measures. The project demonstrates the benefits of a ‘whole building’ approach, and shows how the economics of specific energy and carbon-saving improvements vary from one household to another.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 19
  • Newman, C
Keywords Building and Landscape Conservation ,  Carbon Reduction ,  Energy Audit ,  Energy Efficiency ,  Historic Environment ,  Houses ,  Solid Wall Insulation ,  Sustainable Development ,  Traditional Construction ,  Whole Building