Report number: 2/2017

Title The Engine House, Swindon, Wiltshire: Thermal Performance of Energy Efficiency Improvements to Timber Windows
Summary This report describes tests carried out at the Engine House, Swindon to compare three proprietary retrofit systems for improving the thermal performance of traditional timber windows. To assess their performance U-values of glazing (centre of pane) were measured in situ before and after the systems were installed. The results showed that all three systems reduced heat loss by more than 50%. The report also discusses impact of each system on heritage values, operation and maintenance of the windows.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 19
  • Rhee-Duverne, S
  • McCaig, I
Keywords Building and Landscape Conservation ,  Energy Efficiency ,  Glazing ,  Heritage ,  Improvements ,  Retrofit ,  Thermal Performance ,  Timber ,  Window