Report number: 55/2016

Title Small Wetlands: identification, significance and threats to their loss. A review of the literature
Summary Small wetlands (<10 hectares) – past and present – can be important archives of palaeoenvironmental and archaeological remains. Yet this ‘historic environment’ potential is not always recognised or realised, especially in a context of different land-use pressures and land management priorities acting on the sites. This document describes a range of small wetland types – both natural and artificial – that might be encountered within England, with indications of their geographical spread and limits provided where appropriate. Specific examples and case studies are used in order to illustrate the range and wealth of palaeoenvironmental and archaeological information that such features can provide, in the anticipation that the deposits which they contain are recognised for their inherent value, particularly before any maintenance/clearance/‘restoration’ works are carried out.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 101
  • Farrell, Michelle
  • Hazell, Z
Keywords Organic ,  Palaeoecology ,  Palaeoenvironmental