Report number: 124/2001

Title An Iron Age Promontory Fort at Roulston Scar, North Yorkshire. Survey Report
Summary Between July and August 2001, English Heritage carried out an archaeological survey and investigation of an Iron Age promontory fort at Roulston Scar in North Yorkshire. The key outcome of the English Heritage investigation is the discovery that the rampart of the Iron Age fort can be traced around the whole edge of the plateau, rather than just across its northern neck, as has been widely accepted in the past. The survey also allows previous estimates of the area to be revised upwards to the more precise figure of 24.5ha, underscoring the assertion that the fort is the largest and strongest in north-east Yorkshire. (This was report number 11/2001 in a previous series).
Series Other
Pages 40
  • Oswald, A
  • Pearson, T