Report number: 19/2016

Title Marble Hill Park, Twickenham, London: Report on Geophysical Surveys, December 2015 and February 2016
Summary Caesium magnetometer, earth resistance and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys were conducted at Marble Hill Park, Twickenham, London, as part of a Shared Services Agreement project initiated by the English Heritage Trust to improve understanding of its landscape history in support of a Heritage Lottery Fund bid to develop facilities at the site. The surveys covered all accessible parts of the ~27 hectare site with GPR concentrated on the open areas and earth resistance survey focusing on areas planted with trees around the perimeter. Evidence for past use of the landscape has been detected ranging from relics of the eighteenth century designed landscape through to 20th century development of the site. The geophysical evidence appears to correlate with evidence from other forms of landscape investigation but additional work will be required to determine the nature of many of the anomalies detected.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 16
  • Linford, N T
  • Linford, P K
  • Payne, A W
  • Pearce, C
Keywords Caesium Vapour ,  Earth Resistance ,  Gardens, Parks and Urban Spaces ,  Geophysical Survey ,  Ground Penetrating Radar ,  Magnetometer ,  Post Medieval