Report number: 14/2016

Title The High Woods from above National Mapping Programme
Summary The ‘High Woods’ area of West Sussex and eastern Hampshire is remarkable in terms of the range, extent and time depth of the archaeological earthworks preserved in the woodland. This report covers the National Mapping Programme (NMP) component of the Heritage Lottery Fund supported South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) project ‘Secrets of the High Woods’. A key part of the project was an airborne laser scanning survey, commonly known as lidar, which provided a highly accurate 3D model of archaeological features surviving as earthworks or structures in open land and woodland. Analysis and mapping from the lidar data and aerial photographs provided an interpretation of a complex and extensive archaeological landscape suitable for use by local communities, researchers and managers of the historic environment.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 161
  • Carpenter, E
  • Small, F
  • Truscoe, K
Keywords Airfield ,  Airship ,  Barrow ,  Bombing Decoy ,  Bronze Age ,  Causewayed Enclosure ,  Charcoal Burning ,  Cross Dyke ,  Deer Park ,  Dyke ,  Farming ,  Field System ,  Flint Mine ,  Hunting ,  Iron Age ,  Lidar Survey ,  Medieval ,  Post Medieval ,  Quarry ,  Roman ,  Roman Road ,  Wood Bank ,  Woodland