Report number: 54/2014

Title Cliffe and Cliffe Woods, Hoo Peninsula, Medway, Kent: Historic Area Assessment
Summary Cliffe and Cliffe Woods is situated in the north-western part of the Hoo Peninsula. The largest of Hoo's civil parishes, and one of four bordering the Thames, it encompasses much variety in landscape, scenery and character, with a striking contrast between its the northern and southern parts. The southern, more elevated portion is characterised by orchards, farmland and isolated farmsteads which contrasts with the expanse of flat, treeless marsh pasture lands in the north. The largest settlement on the north side of the Peninsula, the historic village of Cliffe is sited on the northern edge of the upland, overlooking the marsh pasture lands. From the late 19th century intensive industrial and residential development began transforming the character and extent of this settlement, and in the 20th century population growth saw the emergence of an entirely new residential development which became known as Cliffe Woods. Outside of these two settlements the parish remains largely rural in character, made up of farmland and outlying farmsteads, reclaimed marshland and former industrial and military sites. This Historic Area Assessment provides an overview of the historical development and architectural character of the parish, which forms a component of the larger Hoo Peninsula Historic Landscape Project.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 29
  • Clarke, Jonathan