Report number: 13/2014

Title Manor Farm Barn, Winterborne Clenston, Dorset: Tree-Ring Analysis of Oak Timbers
Summary The timberwork in this barn includes an ornate reused roof of fifteenth-century style mounted on newer hammer beams, with one truss of cruck construction clearly representing a style different to that of the main roof. The hammer beams and associated supporting frame for the roof are thought to represent the date of construction of the barn itself. Five timbers from the reused roof were dated and appear to represent a single group of timbers felled within a brief period. The likely range in which felling of these timbers occurred was AD 1474–1506. However the information recorded about lost sapwood on one timber at the time of coring suggests a felling date around AD 1487. The hammer beams and the east tie beam appear to have been felled at the same time as the timbers in the cruck truss, and thus a likely felling date range for these timbers was found to be AD 1528–49. However, a single timber retained complete sapwood but lost between 1mm and 2mm from the outside on coring. The core had a last measured ring formed in AD 1535, and must therefore have been felled within a few years of this date, meaning that the barn was most likely constructed in the early phase of the dissolution of monasteries. A single brace was dated as having come from a tree most likely felled in the period AD 1504–36. Its earlier heartwood-sapwood boundary date suggests it could be a reused or stockpiled timber.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 23
  • Bridge, M C
Keywords Dendrochronology ,  Standing Building