Report number: 1/2014

Title Isle of Grain, Hoo Peninsula, Kent: Outline Historic Area Assessment
Summary The Isle of Grain lies at the east end of the Hoo Peninsula. Its landscape encompasses areas of marsh and farmland but much of the island has been affected by 20th century development, including the introduction of a visually dominant power station and container port. The historic settlement at Grain has undergone a similar degree of change. Until the mid 19th century marshland reclamation and farming shaped the character of the isolated and low-lying island. Thereafter, an increased military presence and the construction of a railway and pier began a process of change that industry has continued. The departure of the military and industrial retrenchment and redevelopment in the latter part of the 20th century has added further complexity to the built environment. This Historic Area Assessment provides an overview of the historical development and architectural character of the administrative parish, which is coterminous with the island. It forms a component of the larger Hoo Peninsula Historic Landscape Project.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 37
  • Smith, J