Report number: 54/2012

Title Sundon Park, Lower Sundon, Bedfordshire: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment
Summary This report describes the results of a desktop assessment of land south of Manor Farm at Lower Sundon, Bedfordshire, commonly known as Sundon Park. The Study Area formed part of the home park of the manor of Sundon during the medieval and post-medieval periods, before the house was demolished in the early 19th century. In medieval times this was joined on to a much larger deer park, the form of which can still be traced on early maps and to some extent observed on the ground. Surviving earthworks include hollow ways, ridge-and-furrow, close boundaries, large house platform, lake or pond, and a large polygonal feature of unknown date and function. Clues to the location of other parts of the manorial complex, such as windmill and dovecote, can be deduced from fieldname evidence. It is thought that in the early 17th century the landscape around the house was transformed into a formal landscape garden, while in the following century it was reworked again into a more natural-looking landscape. On demolition of the house, the landscape garden reverted back to farmland.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 43
  • Edgeworth, M
  • Gregory, D
Keywords Desk Top Assessment ,  Gardens, Parks and Urban Spaces ,  Medieval ,  Post Medieval