Report number: 34/2012

Title Stonehenge Monument Field and Barrows,Wiltshire: Report on Geophysical Surveys, September 2010, April and July 2011
Summary Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey was conducted over an area of approximately 1.5ha centred on the stone circle at Stonehenge, Wiltshire (AMIE SU 14 SW4). The field work was undertaken to complement earlier geophysical survey coverage and a more recent earth work survey of the monument. In addition, three barrow groups (AMIE SU 14 SW397-401, SW89 and SW421-422) were surveyed with both GPR (2.0ha) and magnetic (2.8ha) techniques. The results from the GPR survey over the monument recorded responses to many known, recent interventions at the site such as the course of former track-ways recorded on historic aerial photographs. However, some new anomalies were also identified that enhance the existing geophysical record of the site and may well prove to be of archaeological significance. The survey of the barrow groups demonstrated the advantages of applying high sample density magnetic survey to complement existing coverage and the complexity of the GPR response over such features.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 24
  • Linford, N T
  • Linford, P K
  • Payne, A W
Keywords Caesium Vapour ,  Earth Resistance ,  Fluxgate ,  Geophysical Survey ,  Ground Penetrating Radar ,  Magnetometer ,  Prehistoric