Report number: 29/2012

Title Stonehenge World Heritage Site Landscape Project: Lake Barrows, The Diamond and Normanton Gorse
Summary Rapid survey of three areas on Boreland Farm was undertaken as part of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site Landscape Project. Barrows, field systems and linear ditches were investigated, as well as elements of the more recent landscape. The opportunity has been taken to report a previous survey of the nearby long barrow Wilsford 34. The most significant issues raised are: the previously accepted relationships between the Lake Barrows and adjacent linear ditches; and the existence of the ‘North Kite’ enclosure. A more conventional relative chronology between the barrows and the linear ditches is suggested here but more detailed survey is recommended to resolve this issue satisfactorily; in the light of results from aerial survey it is suggested that the ‘North Kite’ is a fortuitous survival of linear ditches which were otherwise ploughed out before the first maps and antiquarian records were made.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 39
  • Bowden, M
  • Field, D
  • Soutar, S
Keywords Analytical Landscape Survey ,  Bronze Age ,  Landscape Park ,  Neolithic ,  Prehistoric ,  Survey