Report number: 10/2011

Title The Mystery Wreck Hampshire: Tree-Ring Analysis and Wood Identification of Ship Timbers.
Summary This report summarises work undertaken to assess and sample in situ timbers of a wreck known as the Mystery Wreck, lying underwater in the eastern Solent, Hampshire, with a view to providing a precise dendrochronological date and anatomical wood identification of non-oak timbers, to assist in characterising, and possibly identifying the wreck. Samples were taken from ceiling planks, framing timbers, and outer hull planks during diving operations in 2008 and 2009. No absolute dendrochronological dates were produced from the ring-width series derived from oak tree-ring samples. Non-oak timbers were identified as elm, larch/spruce and ebony.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 10
  • Nayling, N
Keywords Dendrochronology ,  Maritime