Report number: 81/2009

Title Barbury Castle Environs: Air Photo Survey and Analysis
Summary The project comprised an interpretation, transcription and analysis of all archaeological features visible on aerial photographs, with a possible date range from prehistory to the 20th century. This was carried out to English Heritage National Mapping Programme (NMP) standards for a 4km² area surrounding Barbury Castle hillfort. The project was a training exercise for a student placement from Bristol University (Mike McQueen) and provides comparative and contextual data for similar projects in the area, such as the Avebury World Heritage Site, Lambourn Downs and Thames Valley NMP projects, and the Liddington Environs Project. The main air photograph sources consulted were at the English Heritage National Monuments Record Swindon, Cambridge University’s Unit for Landscape Modelling, and Wiltshire County Council. A number of key environmental factors have influenced the activities carried out in the area over time including the geology, topography, availability of water and the climate. This project report looks at a number of themes that have emerged from the survey as evidenced on aerial photographs, starting with the dominant feature of Barbury Castle hillfort and then looking at farming, settlement, defence, administration, remembrance of the dead, communications and recreation.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 49
  • McQueen, M
Keywords Landscape Park ,  Survey